Fresh food innovations from the pure heart of the Nordics

Rosten is a Finnish family bakery that has been baking goods since 1939

We mix artisanal baking traditions with modern twists and deliver up-to-date culinary innovations that seduce taste buds around the world. Fresh and pure ingredients, strong expertise in baking and an open mind of an adventurer are our core values in pushing boundaries and baking delicious food innovations. Our holistic approach enables us to see food in having a part in wholesome health and environmental responsibility, thus giving our products a role in promoting healthier lifestyle both for individuals and the planet.

We manufacture a variety of bakery products, and our range is not limited to only traditional products. In addition to traditional fresh bakery products, we supply frozen bakery goods, as well as organic products and various seed based products such as the most popular seed crispbread in Finland. Oh, and we also bake totally grainfree seed crispbread. We supply both to retail outlets and the HORECA sector with our own brands and we also work as a contract manufacturer for private label products.

From our product portfolio you’ll find:

  • Seed crispbread, also as free from gluten and grain
  • Seed snacks
  • Keto-friendly seed based products
  • Organic breads
  • Gluten-free filled cookies
  • Cookies
  • Frozen goods such as:
    • Brioche hamburger and hot dog buns
    • Pita bread
    • Ready made pizza dough
    • Various filled doughnuts
    • Various buns and breads
    • Various filled pies 



The most popular seed crispbread in Finland

Rosten Seed Crispies are high-fiber and contain good fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that contribute to the functions and well-being of your body in different ways. We provide these everyday crispy delicacies free from preservatives and additives. Multiple flavours, gluten-free, high-protein and vegan options guarantee that you’ll find your favourite in no time.

Grainfree & Keto-friendly seed crispbread & seed snacks

Rosten KETO Seed crispbread & Keto Snacks are the choice for people who  seek low-carb and high-protein bread and snack alternatives. Made for holistic life and a trustworthy companion in an active lifestyle.

Full of taste and high-value nutrients, zero unnecessary ingredients.

Organic from Finland

We offer a range of organic breads that are made in Finland with traditional Finnish recipes.

All of our organic breads are free from lactose, GMO and preservatives and are rich in fibre. They are packed in modified atmosphere (MAP). These breads are ideal for toasting, but one can also eat them as such.

All Rosten’s organic breads are baked with traditional Finnish rye sourdough. Our bakery group’s own sourdough gives our breads a unique flavor.

Did you know that whole grain rye has health benefits as part of a healthy lifestyle and versatile diet?

  • May reduce body weight by decreasing hunger and desire to eat.
  • May improve insulin sensitivity and lower total cholesterol.
  • May reduce inflammation in people with metabolic syndrome.

Rosten in a nutshell
• Founded in 1939
• Head office in Turku, Finland
• Family business, owned by the Meltovaara family
• CEO Kari Meltovaara
• Revenue 50 million euros
• 320 employees

Get in touch and treat yourself with goodness
As the third biggest bakery in Finland you can count on us to deliver our delicious baked goods in time.

Veera Meltovaara
Marketing & Export Director
Tel. +358 40 554 5807